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NAIFA-Minnesota Bylaws

By NAIFA-Minnesota on 5/31/23 10:47 AM

Bylaws are an important part of any organization, but sometimes having them available for our members isn't easy. If you haven't read the NAIFA-Minnesota Chapter Bylaws recently, here is your chance. As always, please reach out to info@naifa-mn.org with any questions or concerns.

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Legislative Update for the Week of May 1, 2023

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 5/9/23 12:11 PM

Paid Family and Medical Leave Bill Passes House

Loyal Member Terry Anderson

By NAIFA-Minnesota on 5/4/23 10:47 AM

NAIFA-Minnesota is proud to recognize Terry Anderson in the Member Spotlight on NAIFA's Advisor Today blog. Click the button below to read the full post.

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Meet Loyal NAIFA Member Terry Anderson

By Ronan Friend on 5/2/23 3:01 AM

Aflac District Coordinator Terry Anderson's interest in the insurance industry started with a snowmobile accident that reinforced for him a fundamental truth about insurance—when people get hurt or sick, they still need money to pay the bills. Two years later, Anderson was talking with a customer in his store who was an Aflac agent. She told him that, when someone gets hurt or sick, Aflac pays the claim quickly and Anderson asked himself, “Why didn’t I know about this after my accident?” From that conversation, he decided to start his career in insurance.

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Legislative Update for the Week of March 20, 2023

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 3/21/23 11:23 AM

House Health Approves MnCARE Public Option/Single Payor Study Bills

The House Health Finance and Policy Committee on Tuesday heard two bills that have big implications for the private health insurance marketplace:

HF96 (Long, DFL-Minneapolis) establishes the MinnesotaCare public option for persons with incomes over the MinnesotaCare income limit of 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines (FPG). Implementation of the public option would be effective January 1, 2026, but only if the Commissioner of Human Services certifies to the Legislature it will not result in the loss of federal basic health program funding. The bill also makes other changes to MinnesotaCare, including requiring a study of a small employer public option and providing eligibility for undocumented noncitizens.  The bill was supported by advocacy and labor organizations and opposed by the Agents Coalition, the Chamber of Commerce and the Minnesota Hospital Association.  The Agents Coalition represents multiple insurance associations, including NAIFA. Testifying for the Coalition, Shawnee Christensen said that the bill would result in low payments to providers, allow the state plan to compete with the private market with no reserve requirements or having to meet current licensing and regulatory requirements placed on private insurers.  The bill was laid over for possible inclusion in the omnibus health finance bill. This means it will be included in the larger health finance bill that funds much of DHS,  a bill all but guaranteed to pass.

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Legislative Update for the Week of February 20, 2023

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 2/27/23 12:59 PM

February Budget Forecast to be Released on Monday

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President's Message

By Brian Fleming, NAIFA-Minnesota President on 2/6/23 10:48 AM

In the past few months, I along with Corey Anderson and other NAIFA Minnesota members have been meeting with a group of industry professionals and nonprofits that have combined to create the Financial Literacy Coalition of Minnesota (FLCM).  This group is aiming to advance financial literacy for Minnesota youth by requiring a high school course in personal finance to graduate. Over the course of this legislative session, a bill will be in the state legislature to ensure this requirement is implemented. We are proud to be partnering with the FLCM and the Minnesota Council on Economic Education (MCEE) to help accomplish this goal. 

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Legislative Update for the Week of January 30, 2023

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 2/6/23 10:48 AM

Big Picture Issues

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Legislative Update for the Week of January 23, 2023

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 2/1/23 10:40 AM

Walz Releases Budget

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Legislative Update for the Week of January 16, 2023

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 1/24/23 1:24 PM

Walz Set to Release Budget
Governor Tim Walz will release his budget proposal on Tuesday, a plan expected to call for record spending as well as major policy initiatives. The State’s record $17.6 billion budget surplus will allow the Governor to make significant spending increases. Walz began rolling out pieces of the budget this week. On Tuesday Walz proposed spending $5.2 billion on schools, including more money for special education, mental health and free breakfast and lunch for all students. He also wants to expand Minnesota’s child and dependent care tax credit to help about 100,000 families with day care costs. Families earning less than $200,000 could get up to $4,000 for one child, $8,000 for two children and $10,500 if they have three kids. Walz also wants to create a new Department of Children, Youth and Families from portions of the Education, Human Services and Corrections Departments. His office said he is also thinking of dividing the Department of Human Services into three separate agencies. On Thursday Walz announced plans to spend $4.1 billion on economic development, job training, family medical leave and tax breaks for small businesses. His health care budget ideas are expected to be released on Monday