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Prudent Planners Use the Three M's for Retirement Portfolio Success

By John Florance, E4 Senior Vice President of Annuities on 10/7/21 3:54 PM

2020 marked the half-way point of the Baby-Boomer generation’s retirement process. The early Boomers began pulling out of the workforce in 2010, and the later ones will continue to begin their retirements for the next 10 to 15 years. The generation before the Boomers, known alternately as Traditionalists, Matures, and “The Greatest,” are at the end of their lives on this planet.

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Reinsurance Victory!

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 6/23/21 2:27 PM

As you can read in the story linked below, legislative leadership has agreed to extend reinsurance for another year -- through 2022.

Welcome 2021 New Members!

By NAIFA-Minnesota on 6/1/21 2:40 PM

Welcome new members who joined NAIFA-Minnesota so far this year!

Belonging to your professional association sets you apart from the competition by ascribing to a Code of Ethics, voluntarily investing & participating in a performance-driven networking group, and serving your industry through advocacy and community service.

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The Future of Emerging Markets & The Growing Digital Revolution

By NAIFA-Minnesota on 5/24/21 3:10 PM

Join NAIFA-Minnesota and FSP Thursday, June 3rd for this Collaborative Learning Event! This month features Kevin Carter with The Future of Emerging Markets & The Growing Digital Revolution.

June 3, 2021 | 11:40 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. | VIRTUAL - Zoom

Following the meeting the Zoom window will remain open for 30 minutes (1:00 - 1:30 p.m.) for members and sponsors to move to Breakout Rooms and remain online to chat about the meeting content and network with other attendees.


By NAIFA-Minnesota on 5/24/21 2:55 PM

NAIFA-Minnesota, YOU'RE INVITED! Join NAIFA-Tennessee for D.I.scovery presented by DI Geek, Corey Anderson.

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No Budget Means Special Session

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 5/17/21 5:01 PM

The lack of an agreement by Governor Walz, House Speaker Melissa Hortman and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka on overall spending targets means the session ended with a whimper on Monday without passage of the budget bills needed to keep state government operating on July 1. Conference committees met last week, but with no budget targets they could only adopt non-controversial policy provisions. There have been only 3 sessions out of the last 11 budget sessions during which the Legislature completed its work on time.

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May President's Message

By Allison Kraus, NAIFA-Minnesota President on 5/13/21 9:13 AM

As we all emerge from the pandemic storm shelters and thank our lucky stars that we are in an industry where we benefit, the more people we are able to help. I hope this finds you healthy NAIFA-Minnesota! Like everything out there, NAIFA-Minnesota is roaring back and excited to start meeting face-to-face over the next few months. We’ve got a number of fun and educational events for everyone!

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No Budget Targets With 10 Days to Go

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 5/10/21 12:43 PM

The 2021 session is scheduled to adjourn in 10 days, but legislative leaders and the Governor have no agreement on overall spending and individual finance bill spending targets.  

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Legislature Begins Final Two Weeks of Regular Session

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 5/3/21 2:52 PM

The 2021 legislative session is scheduled to adjourn on Monday, May 17th and decisions that will affect NAIFA members are about to be made. House and Senate conference committees will begin meeting this week to reconcile differences in how the two bodies dealt with taxes, spending and hundreds of policy issues.

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Legislative Update For the Week of April 19th

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 4/23/21 4:45 PM

Reinsurance Conference Committee Set to Begin

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Legislative Update for the Week of April 5

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 4/13/21 10:24 AM

Legislature Reaches 3rd Committee Deadline

Friday was the 3rd Committee Deadline, the date by which all finance bills must be reported to the House Ways and Means Committee or the Senate Finance Committee. All Finance Committees in the two bodies were busy this week marking up their finance bills, some of which are scheduled to be heard in Ways and Means or Finance next week. 

Virtual Minnesota Insurance Day

By Holly Youngblood on 4/9/21 4:04 PM

9:00 - 11:00 A.M. VIA ZOOM

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Legislative Update For the Week of March 22nd

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 3/26/21 7:34 PM

Legislature Takes Break for Easter and Passover Holidays

The Minnesota Legislature is on its Easter/Passover break until 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, April 6. When the Legislature reconvenes, it will have just six weeks before the scheduled May 17th adjournment date. The biggest pending issue when legislators reconvene will be finalizing a two-year biennial budget for the biennium beginning July 1.

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Legislative Update For the Week of March 15th

By Tom Lehman, NAIFA-Minnesota Lobbyist on 3/22/21 11:58 AM

It’s 2nd Committee Deadline!

Hundreds of bills that escaped dying last Friday with the 1st Committee Deadline died Friday at midnight with the arrival of the 2nd Committee Deadline. The deadline process winnows down the bills that have been introduced over the past weeks from over 4,500 to hundreds, most of which will be folded into omnibus finance bills.